65 % Consumers Prefer using Messaging App to contact businesses
90 % Businesses Use Facebook to respond to Customer Inquiries
6 Out of 10 Most used Apps globally are Messaging Apps

50 % Consumers Expect businesses to be open 24/7
75 % Businesses Executives Will implement AI in their companies
11 Thousand + Bots are currently active on Facebook alone

Value Proposition

Our goal is to help you generate value for your customers by introducing
tek nology at key touchpoints ( sparsha )
of your services.

Thus, our value proposition with our offerings is to enable you to enhance following experiences for your customers:


Business Round-the-Clock

"Business hours", is a term of the past. Question is how do you serve your customers 24/7 without any sizeable investment? That's where bots come in. Organizations leverage bots during the non staff working hours so customers get continous availability.


Speed & Scalability

Eliminate wait time for customers when they need to get in touch with you. Bots combined with messaging platforms like Facebook & Twitter are highly scalable solutions to answer anything from F.A.Q's to conducting transactions involving automated validations.


The human Touch

Bots are more than automation. They are trainable agents that can interact in a human-like conversation. With recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence, bot agents can interact via both text and voice providing a rich experience for your customers.

Messaging Platforms

Unlock extreme productivity & 24/7 convinience for your customers by being available where they are. We build integrations with some of the most popular messaging platforms listed below.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Users can interact with your Facebook Page via Facebook Messenger. The same messenger can also be embedded on your website allowing online shoppers to seek help immediately.

Twitter Direct Messages


Direct Messages (DM) to your Twitter handle (e.g. @yourBusiness) can serve as an excellent channel for responding to customer queries and/or collect feedback.

Text Messaging SMS

Text Messaging (SMS)

Allowing users to interact with your phone number open up a great channel available any time, any where and most importantly without the need of installing any sophisticated mobile apps.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is Amazon's digital assistant built into devices such as the Amazon Echo. Alexa can be trained to allow your users to interact with your business services using spoken natural language.